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Overview on tourism (12/01/2013)


Cape of Ca Mau. Photo: Nguyen Minh


Bestowed with natural features, Ca Mau, the southernmost province of Vietnam, with Ca Mau cape located a national coordinates landmark, is geographical tourism destination very attractive to domestic and foreign visitors.


Corner of Hon Khoai. Photo: Thanh Dung


With two interlaced ecosystems of mangrove and brackish water forest, among tree forests are snaking rivers, formerly was open point of Ho Chi Minh sea route (Vam Lung station, Ngoc Hien District); where witnessed, saw off children the South to the North, carrying along star apple trees for presenting Uncle Ho (Ong Doc estuary, Tran Van Thoi district); rivers with many glorious victories (Tam Giang, Cai Lon, Cai Tau, Ong Doc river, Dam Doi).


Strawberry garden, Cai Tau, U Minh district. Photo: Huynh Lam


Under the forest canopy are the shrimp ponds, rice fields and orchards, wild bird yards with a variety of rare precious birds etc. creating attractive ecotourism. Islands of Hon Khoai, Hon Chuoi, Hon Da Bac, Hon Buong, Khai Long Beach etc. still retain the original beauty of nature.


Sunset on Khai Long Beach. Photo: Thanh Dung


In addition, Ca Mau has many historic relics of national level, provincial level; many traditional festivals such as Nghinh Ong, Via Ba, Dua Ghe Ngo (Ngo Boat Racing) etc. that imbued with cultural identities of three ethnic groups of Kinh - Chinese - Khmer.


Cajuput forest eco-tourism. Photo: Tan Diep

Coming to Ca Mau, tourists can hear story of Uncle Ba Phi, Don Ca Tai Tu (amateur music), boat on the river, enjoy special dishes of the forest, the sea etc.

Source: Director Board of Ca Mau monography

Ca Mau Provincial Statistics Department